Some information for your tree sponsorship:

* For your tree sponsorship, two new forests with over 13,000 deciduous trees have been planted in Lower Saxony, Germany. The plantation is at the perimeter of the Lüneburg Heath, between the cities of Bremen and Hanover. As sponsor, you are entitled to know the precise location of the forest.

* Your sponsorship does not lead to any ownership rights or obligations! Sponsors obtain rights to visit and access the forest, rights to obtain information and take photographs. Sponsors must, however, observe the relevant regulations regarding access to the forest (direct access only on foot or by bicycle; parking facilities are approx. 1000 metres from the plantation) as well as all other relevant laws (forest and pathways ordinances and by-laws, environment regulations, water protection laws, etc.), e.g. dogs must be kept on a lead, no smoking or fires in the forest, tents and camping are forbidden.

* You can mark your sponsored tree individually, discretely and in a way that does not affect the growth of the tree, e.g. by hanging on a small nameplate. You are not entitled to demand any particular species or variety of tree or any particular position and/or tree size.

* You will have no claim to compensation if the plantation is totally destroyed due to force majeure (storm, natural disaster, fire, …). Sponsored trees that have to be removed in forest thinning measures (due at the earliest after 10 to 15 years) will not be replaced. Our goal is to maintain and preserve all patented trees for as long as possible.

* This sponsorship does not entitle you to any property rights. It cannot be entered in the land register; it cannot be transferred, bequeathed, sold or traded, …

* An annual project/forest report (in german!) will be issued by e-mail. Please notify us if you wish to receive this report, and also if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the project.



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